Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bring on the Rain

Super excited that we finally got some rain ALL weekend long!  I was able to run with very light misty rain for my 14 mile run this weekend.  I decided to run Trinity Trails and my alma mater at TCU for some hill work.  It was in the 70s when I ran and humid but a lot cooler than it has been last week.  I was dodging a lot of puddles and mud along the way and made sure not to slip and fall on the messy muddy sidewalks.  There weren’t a lot of people out on the trails until I ran at TCU.  It looked like they were getting ready for a game or something because there were a lot of people out.  I always enjoy running around the TCU stadium and track field.  They always have the best motivation signs all around it that keep me going.   I can’t wait for college football to start.  I really want to go see a game this season.  I also want to go visit our boy Mason at Texas A&M and see a game there too.  It’s going to be a great fall season!

Keep on running!


Sunday, August 5, 2018

New Shoes

I have started marathon training and today I finally went to buy my new shoes.  I haven't had time to buy them before because of vacation and starting a new job.  I am also three weeks behind on my mileage and had to take it down a couple notches the first three weeks of my marathon training schedule.  I was still able to maintain 20 miles once we got back, but since I didn't have my shoes, I didn't want to over do it. 

It's game time now and ready to get after it!  October 7th will be here before I know it.  I have registered for the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  This will be a new state for me and website states they usually have about 300 spectators.  That should make it fun. 

Tomorrow is the first day of school for our teachers and as a new AP, I have a lot of new responsibilities, but ready to take on the challenge and meet our staff.  This is going to be a great year!!

Keep on running!

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Summer Vacation Ends

We are back from Europe and had the best time in Venice, Italy.  I have to admit that I was only able to run 2 days from the two weeks on vacation.  We got lucky and stayed at a place close to a park, but it wasn't easy getting there and had to dodge traffic to get there.  So, we only did that one time.  Of course Eddie went with me for this is all new to us and he would never let me go venture out on my own.  I ran at his pace and then once we got there, I ran two miles on my own while he waited for me on a bench at the park.  It was a nice park and and had a bike route as well.  Lots of people out on it when we ran it.  The other time I ran 6 miles at a gym and Eddie worked out.  I really didn't worry too much about gaining weight because we would walk almost 10 miles everyday.  We were always on the go shopping, eating, sight seeing and taking it all in.

The people over there are so laid back and you hardly see any obese people.  I learned that in Italy (maybe all Europe) their food is GMO free and everything is fresh and organic!  I swear I have never eaten so much pizza, bread and gelato in my life and I came back home not gaining any weight!  Eddie and I weigh the same as the day we left and ate everything we wanted and never felt bloated, tired or full.  I wish the states had that law of being GMO free!  We meet some great friends and I even meet some girls interested in Lash Boost.  Who knows maybe one day Rodan and Fields will Launch in Europe so making my connections and meeting great friends there!

The weather over there was perfect, in the 80s and low 90s.  Eddie and I rode on a gondola boat for our anniversary date our first day there.  That was the most romantic thing ever especially since he proposed to me on one in Los Colinas, Texas 13 years ago.  Seeing the real thing was so awesome!  We also took a train and went to Verona to see Juliet's home from Romero and Juliet movie.  I stood on her balcony and mini museum inside her home that was pretty cool to see.  Eddie and I shopped so much and got lots of cool things like clothes, shoes, belts, and leather purses. We had a blast and next year, it's my year to pick where we go for our anniversary trip.  Not sure if it will be Europe, but we'll see.

I was able to complete my Pandora bracelet with a Venice gondola!

I also got great news, as I returned home.  I was offered the Assistant Principal position in my district and I have accepted it.  It's a promotion for me and super excited to start the next chapter in my career  being able to support our bilingual community.   I also plan to running the Oregon Marathon in October for my fall marathon and my training started this weekend.  It's going to be a great year!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Summer Runs

The temperature in Texas during the summers are starting to get brutal!  I ran with my running buddy Dash and she decided to make a turn to go up some hills.  So, I followed her lead and we ran the Keller Killer Hills in a neighborhood I train to run hills.  She has run a half marathon with me in May, but it's just too hot to run that far during this crazy heat.  I always run before 10 a.m. or after sunset because I want to protect my skin.  Now that I'm older, the sun is not my friend.  Dash is always excited and eager to go run with me.  But this time, she only ran 5 miles and when we got home I checked her paws and she had road burn on her right paw.  I felt horrible.  I always make sure she runs on the grass to my right while I run on the sidewalk or street, but on those hills she runs on the street with me.  Of course she hasn't ran more than 5 miles during the month of June and I don't plan on running her more than that due to the heat, but now this happened!  Of course, she won't run until she get completely healed and after I return from our anniversary trip coming up.

Eddie and I will be celebrating our wedding anniversary in Venice, Italy this year.  It was his turn to pick where we go this year.  We are exited, but always worry about leaving our boys behind.  Although, they will be in good hands with my family, I still miss them.  However, I know that Eddie and I will come back as a better couple and parents to our boys.

I've been incorporating more strength training and even went for a swim after one of my runs this week to cool off.  I love taking Noah to pool to work on his fitness too.  This Saturday, I ran by myself and did 10 miles early like 6:30 a.m.  It was a good time because it was in the 70s and it was cloudy for most of my run.  I'm starting to get really tan, but I always make sure I wear my sunscreen, lip balm and cap every time I run outside.  There were a lot of people out in about at that time and even saw a group of young teenagers running.  I wonder if they were part of a cross-country team.  I remember those days, back in my junior high and high school years.  I think back to that time and never would of thought that I would still be running at my age now!  The way I see it is we may be getting old, but you don't have to act old!

Keep on running!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Back Home From the Mountains

We have returned back home from our family vacation in the mountains.  We took our new camper trailer for our first road trip.  Love the mountains.  It was dry, but man, I had the best hair the whole time!  I ran, hiked the Grand Canyon, went through an underground cave, did some crazy obstacle course that challenged me like nothing else,  saw the stars and planets in the clear skies of Arizona and saw a Meteor Crater.

Running in the high altitude  kicked my booty,  but always felt great when I finished!  Eddie even ran with me once.  We ran through a cute neighborhood and found ourselves going through the woods.  Little did we know that it was NOT open to public due to fire hazard because it was so dry up there!  Later on we were told that there is a $10,000 fine if caught...YIKES!  Of course, we didn't say anything!

Flagstaff, AZ is a really nice town and we stayed there a couple days. It's a small town and people are really friendly.  Yes, I did some shopping and bought me a couple outfits that were on sale!  I'm a bargain shopper and love great deals.  While in Flagstaff, we went to a Flagstaff Extreme Adventure Course with the boys.  Noah did the kid's version and Eddie, the boys and I did the adult version.   What is this?  For adults, it's about 17 different obstacles and zip lines.  The obstacles range from rope wings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, wobbly bridges and suspended ones too!  The skill level and height of each circuit are marked using a color-coded system indicating the challenge based on elevation and difficulty.  It starts easy and keeps getting tougher and higher each time.  We were supported by ropes/hooks the whole time.  All of this is done in the forest, high up,  going from tree to tree above ground.  I felt like Tarzan at times.  My upper body strength sucks, so this was very challenging, but loved the challenge!  It took us 3.5 hours to complete!!  If you ever go to Flagstaff, I highly recommend this!

Eddie also found an underground cave to go through.  It was super dark, cold and very rocky! We used our phones for light to make sure we wouldn't trip.  It was fun and there were a lot of people there.  We also went to see the stars and planets at the Lowell Observatory.  While there, we were able to see the planet Venus and Saturn up close through the huge telescopes there! We also saw the telescope that discovered Pluto.  That was pretty cool to see and learn about our solar system.  Another day, we took the boys to a swimming hole and they jumped off cliffs in the ice cold water.  Not me, thanks I passed :)

Next stop was Grand Canyon.  This was by far my favorite thing to see!    We started at 5:30 a.m. and wanted to see the sunset, but didn't make it on time.  The views were breathtaking!  We hiked down 2 miles and went by our little boy, Noah's pace.  That was all he could do and that was fine.  We talked to the Forest Ranger and he recommended we go back up cause it would only get hotter.  They say it gets up to 120 degrees hot down there!  Crazy!  We would take water breaks and just took our time taking pictures and seeing the wildlife and super hungry, fearless squirrels everywhere.  I kid you not.  I have never seen a squirrel that comes up to you and try to drink your whole water bottle and snag your Cheese Nips out of your hand!  Later on, we see signs everywhere stating not to feed the squirrels for they bite and may give you rabies.  YIKES..again!!

On our way back home we stopped at Santa Fe for the night.  The boys have never been there.  I have back in the fall when I went to a work conference.  It's a great town and love the great food there. We were only there one evening and walked the Plaza and bought me some salsa and blue corn bread mix.

Love our family vacations with my boys.  We love the outdoors.  It was a fun trip full of adventure!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Hello June

School is finally out and able to get back to my blog.  Work has slowed down and my summer break begins June 5th which happens to be on my birthday!  We are taking our family vacation and taking our boys to the Grand Canyon and other state national parks along the way.  Super excited!  I love doing all the outdoor activities with my boys and love the mountains.  I can honestly see myself retiring and living in Colorado.  We purchased a trailer in the fall and this will be our first road trip with it.

As for my running,  I haven't stopped.  I'm running 20 miles a week during my off season.  I just now do it without worrying about my pace/time and just run for fun!  I'm also focusing on my running buddy Dash.  I'm trying to build up her mileage little by little.  She's been running up to 10 miles with no problem and today, she ran a half marathon!!!  I ran at her pace and she finished in 2:00:58 at 9:13 pace per mile.  All last week the temperatures were in the 100's and way to hot for even I to run outside much less her.  I took my runs to the gym and ran on the treadmill.  Not fun, but protecting my skin from sun damage. Now that I'm a Rodan and Fields Consultant, there is no way I'll reverse and get those ugly dark spots caused by sun again.  I never leave the house without my sunscreen and cap!

Today, the weather was cooler in the 70's and it was cloudy which was even better.  My goal was to run 10 miles and include the Keller killer hills for hill work, but she was doing great, weather felt good that we kept going.  I made sure to stop for water breaks.  We also would stop to take pics and walked some too.  The Texas Longhorns were out with their babies and they scared her and she would bark at them and back away...LOL.  She's such a wuss and always gets close to me when other dogs come our way :).  However, when she barks, she sounds like a guard dog.  I think I'm going to buy a dog harness with lease that goes around my waist for running.  I would like to start running hands free with her.  I'll try it once we get back from our trip.  I'm worried about leaving her behind and we are going to board her at a place that has security cameras were we can watch her while away.   That makes me feel a little better.  They also will walk her 3 times and give her play time in the yard which she will need to release energy.  I'll miss running with her, but looking forward to running in the mountains with my man.  I can't wait!!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Nashville Rock n' Roll Marathon

Well it's been a couple weeks since I got back from running my Nashville marathon and haven't had any time to post about it due to busy work schedule.  It was the most hilly course I have ever ran!  The weather was in the high 40s when I started and no rain...YAY!  I was excited because I got my girlfriends, Carolyn and Juanita to sign up for the 5K run that morning too.  They are not runners, but heck, walking it is still a workout.  It was a hilly 5K too!  Nashville has really good food and known for country cooking and barbecue. I didn't eat any barbecue; however, I stuffed my face with spicy chicken and waffles after my marathon!  It was worth every bite!  We did some shopping and went to see the Johnny Cash Museum.  We walked all over Broadway which is where all the honky tonk bars are.  Come to find out that Nashville is famous for Bachlorette parties and sure enough, when we walked Broadway Streetk there were this school buses that were converted to party buses for these parties.  We also saw the drink while you pedal while party automobiles (same as seen here in downtown Fort Worth).

Race morning, we all woke up super early to take an Uber to race.  Juanita and Carolyn’s 5K started half an hour before mine did so I walked the to their start line.  On our way there, we went into a church that was allowing us to come in and use their clean bathrooms.  They also had a room where runner could stretch out, drink water and chill out in the warm indoor building.  That was super nice of them to do that.  I almost tripped on my own two feet hitting a curve twice and Juanita asked a man in the church to pray for me to make sure I have a good run.  That was sweet and felt less nervous about the course.   I just decided to give it my best and not worry about my pace.  I didn’t really watch my watch and just listened to my body.

I was able to run non-stop and the rolling hills just kept coming.  Seeing the pictures of all the St. Jude children along the course somehow made me not give up and fight through it.  They were the reason to run strong till the end!  The hardest part of the race was the last two miles.  It was a good hill to the finish and maybe cursed a little cause the finish line seemed soon far.  The crowd somehow pushed me through till I crossed the finish line.

My babe, Eddie calls me as soon as I crossed the finish to make sure I was okay.  He told me my time and  I was shocked because I finished under my goal of 3:30!  My phone was about to die and I went to find my friends who had text me.  But I just had to sit after getting my goodie snacks to stretch and chill for a few minutes.  So, I turned off my phone.  A girl comes and sits next to me and tell me, "Good job, I tried to stay up with you and catch up to you, but never could.  Those hills were crazy."  I just smiled and told her, "Good job, we finished and that's all that matters, cause yes, that was a hilly course for sure!"  I got up to go find my friends and decided to help a girl take her picture for she was trying to take a selfy with her medal.  She told me that was her first half marathon.  I bragged on her for completing a hilly one for her first one.  We walked together toward the family gathering to find our friends.  I love the running community and all the new runners I meet.  We understand each other and always so happy for each others accomplishments.

I finally found Carolyn and Juanita and of course we had to take our after pics together.  The Rock n' Roll marathons are fun because of the live music all around the course and always finish with a concert to celebrate and cold beer.  I don't really like beer, but after reading about the 80 year old lady who ran the Boston Marathon who celebrates with a pitcher of beer after her finishing, I told myself why not try it!  I drank about half of the Ultra Light beer and I was good...LOL!  We went straight the the hotel for I needed a hot shower.  After we got ready, we went to celebrate with spicy chicken and waffles and loved every bite!  Most of the restaurants have live music and that was pretty cool. Nashville has the best country cooking too!  May have to come back with my babe for a longer trip and go to Memphis and see Graceland where Elvis is from.

Keep on running!