Saturday, August 19, 2017

Finally Back to Running

Well, I know I haven't written in a while and feel like I went through some depression.  I went to the doctor on July 12th and they did an MRI showing that I had a cuboid stress fracture on my left foot.  I got lucky and caught it before it got really got bad and break all the way across.  I was told NO RUNNING and let it heal.  I went to physical therapy with Dr. Chapman (a chiropractor) twice a week and focused on swimming and strength training.  I don't like swimming and didn't realize how tough it is!  I had a hard time catching my breath and water kept coming up my nose.  I would swim 17 laps and that took me about an hour!  I didn't care, I was going to get out of comfort zone and do what doctors said to do, because I have Las Vegas Marathon to get ready for and I will run it!
July 19th- Love this zero gravity treadmill.  I was able to run 2.93 miles on it and felt like running on air!  I ran a tempo run at 50% at 6.0 speed, 175 ppm for 31 minutes.  

After I went to the doctor and got my MRI results, Eddie and I took our boys on a cruise to Cozumel and when we returned, it was time for Eddie and I to go on our Greece anniversary trip.  I scheduled an appointment to see my podiatrist doctor, Dr. Crane who is also a runner and took her my MRI results just to get a second opinion.  Besides, I would of gone to her first, but she was booked and I just couldn't wait to be seen.  She also, said NO RUNNING for 2-3 more weeks and make sure to walk in my tennis shoes when in Greece.  I can still teach cycle but no hill work.  She also said I got lucky because this type of stress fracture puts you in a boot and no running for a whole season!
Got a blister from wearing heels for dinner while in Greece...opps!

So, what do I do??  I go on vacation and don't care about what I eat and drink and splurge.. .A LOT!  I had the I don't give a shit attitude because I can't run and not training for anything so WTH!  I know, that's such a terrible mindset. I'm a cycle instructor who promotes health and fitness all the time!!  Well, that lasted about a week 1/2 and when I started to gain weight and feel like shit.  I said enough is enough.  This isn't fun and so not worth it! I lifted heavier weights and would do it 3x a week.  My legs and butt muscles started to get bigger and I was getting toned muscled arms too.  I also noticed that when I taught cycle, my legs would feel much heavier.  Eddie loves the way my body has transformed and would rather me go into bodybuilding instead.  HA!  No thanks.  I told him I will run until the good Lord let's me.  It's my peace, stress reliever and meditation.

I see Dr. Crane after I return from Greece.  I had to be honest and tell her I wore heels for dinner while in Greece and got a blister from the shoes.  She just smiled and shook her head no.  I told her to blame my husband and she just laughed.  She take more x-rays to see how my foot is healing.  She states she can barely see the stress fracture and released me to run in a week!  I was super excited and I told Dr. Chapman that I was good to go run per Dr. Crane.  I wanted him to know that I went to her for she is my doctor, but was booked at the time of my injury.  I also let him know that he was highly recommend by someone at the Bear Creek shoe store and glad he was able to see me right away.  I'm also happy he introduced me to Altra G and was able to run on that zero gravity treadmill.  He said he knew her and she sends patients to him sometimes.  He saw me 2x this week and that I could run 2 days this weekend for 10 minutes each.  He doesn't want me to run with a watch for pace, but just run at my comfort level.  No hills, run on trail or gravel and told me to run behind Keller Point.  Dr. Crane tells me I can run up to two miles, but run/walk it.  She also said that I would feel sore at first, but that's normal.  She also said no hill work.  Increase mileage little by little each week and I should be good to go for Las Vegas Marathon.  That was music to my ears!!

Today was the first time to run outside for the first time since my injury on July 3rd!  So, what do I do?  Follow Dr. Chapman's orders or Dr. Cranes?  If you know me, I'll do both!  Today I ran 2 miles and I was scared it would hurt.  I did feel a little soreness, so I would walk and then run again.  I did exactly what she said to do and by the end of the run I was sweaty and it felt great!!  After running, I can't help to see how long it took me to run two miles.  Before this injury it would take me 16 minutes to run 2 miles, but today it almost took me 27 minutes.  That is just fine with me, I'll take it!  I have never been broken like this and pray it heals completely.  Baby steps to get back 100% and will modify my training schedule to make sure I don't get hurt again!  Las Vegas Marathon, it's time to get ready for you next!!

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